Waiting for Answers: 5 Coping Strategies While Awaiting an ADHD Assessment

Hello to all the parents out there who are in the midst of waiting for an ADHD assessment for their child. We understand—the waiting game can feel like being stuck in a maze with no end in sight. But fear not, for within this labyrinth, there are strategies and tips to help you navigate this period with resilience and support.

Embracing the Rollercoaster of Emotions
Let's acknowledge the whirlwind of emotions you might be experiencing right now—uncertainty, worry, maybe even a dash of hope. It's okay to feel this way. Take a deep breath and know that you're doing your best in a challenging situation.

5 Tips for Coping During the Wait
While you're navigating this waiting period, here are five practical tips to support both you and your child:

1 Create a Structured Routine:

Establish a daily routine with clear schedules for meals, bedtime, and homework using visual aids like charts or schedules. Consistency provides comfort for children with ADHD.

2 Implement Breaks and Movement:

Break tasks into manageable chunks and include short breaks between activities. Encourage physical activities like short walks or brief playtime to release excess energy and enhance focus.

3 Create a Quiet, Distraction-Free Study Space:

Designate a dedicated area for homework, ensuring it's free from distractions. Utilise tools like noise-cancelling headphones to aid concentration.

4 Encourage Open Communication:

Foster a safe space for your child to express their thoughts and feelings about the assessment process. Regular check-ins and validation of their emotions are vital for support.

"You know, waiting can be tough, especially when you're wondering about things. Your feelings are totally okay, and I'm right here whenever you want to talk about them. We'll figure it out together, okay?"

5 Explore Relaxation Techniques:

Teach simple relaxation methods such as deep breathing exercises and mindfulness activities like gentle yoga, colouring-In. Practicing these together can provide a shared calming experience.

My go to (distraction to help refocus) relaxation technique is:

"Cloud Watching"
Find a Comfortable Spot: Ask your child to sit by a window with a view of the sky.

Watch the Clouds: Look up at the sky and observe the clouds passing by. Encourage your child to notice the different shapes, sizes, and movements of the clouds.

Describe the Clouds: Ask your child what shapes they see in the clouds. Encourage their imagination—maybe they see animals, objects, or characters in the cloud formations.

Focus on Breathing: Take a moment to take a few deep breaths together while watching the clouds. Feel free to talk about how the clouds make them feel—calm, relaxed, or even excited.

Wrap-Up: Spend a few more minutes cloud watching. Encourage your child to take one last deep breath and then slowly transition back to regular activities (or when working with me, back to therapy)

Remember, You're Not Alone
To all the parents awaiting an ADHD assessment for their child, your dedication and support mean the world. This waiting phase might feel overwhelming, but you're not alone on this journey. Seek support, take care of yourselves, and continue being the incredible support system your child needs.

The path ahead might be uncertain, but your love, understanding, and perseverance will light the way.

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